General benefits for members

  • Free use of CCILC's Office in Macau for work sessions and business meetings;
  • Participation in events, entrepreneurial and institutional networking:
    • Support in contacts with official authorities – Ministries, Embassies, Consulates and Economic Delegations in the respective capitals and main cities of both countries;
    • Access to transeuropean business networks with China;
    • Organisation of Conferences, Seminars, Workshops and other events with official entities and specialised companies;
    • Organisation of luncheons, dinners and receptions for official Delegations and business entourages;
    • Access to the Portuguese-Chinese associative, political, academic and scientific environments;
    • Participation in events organised by other Chambers of Commerce and diverse entities;
  • Unlimited access to the Chamber’s databases:
    • Information about trade fairs and events in China and Portugal;
    • Provision of entrepreneurial contacts and statistic information;
    • Business and sectorial reports;
    • Advertising of business and job opportunities;
    • Dissemination of economic and commercial information;
    • Marketing of company promotions and press releases;
  • Presentation of companies, references and advertisement of members:
    • The Chamber can present your company to other associates and official representatives of the Government and Embassy;
    • Our associates are referenced in information requests that arrive at CCILC’s offices or through the website, related to their activity area;
    • Possibility of sponsoring the Chamber’s events, increasing the visibility of the company;
  • On-line advertisement:
    • Preferential insertion of articles in our website and other CCILC networks, highlighting the divulgation of business activities and stories of special interest;
    • 50% discount on the advertisement spaces in CCILC's website.

Associates who want a higher level of involvement and interaction should consider the
Executive or Corporate categories

Executive Associates
In addition to the general benefits, have have the following advantages:

  • 3 inviations per year to the Chamber’s events and the possibility of registering 3 guests in all CCILC events at associate rates;
  • Advertising of 3 events/promotions/campaigns per year through CCILC’s network;   
  • Reference as an Executive Associate in CCILC events (small company logo next to the Corporate members’) and all of the Chamber’s e-mail communications.
  • On-line advertisement:
    • Insertion of the company logo in the Chamber’s homepage 3 months per year;
    • Reference in all the Chamber’s website pages under the title “Executive Members” with a link to the company’s website;
    • Possibility of altering the destination page accessed through the website links, for temporary promotions or specific campaigns during the year;
    • Publication of 5 articles, reports or interviews per year (including photos and logo linking to the company) on the Chamber’s website.

Corporate Associates
In addition to the general and Executive benefits, have the following advantages:

  • Possibility of registering the group’s companies, branches or other representations, as CCILC's associates ;
  • Counsellor status, with participation rights in 3 Chamber Board meetings per year;
  • 1 Free entrance in any Chamber event with the possibility of registering all guests with associate rates;
  • Reference as a Corporate Member in CCILC events and all of the Chamber’s e-mail communications;
  • Promotion of 12 events/promotions/campaigns per year through CCILC’s network of contacts;